With so many happy clients it’s a pleasure to share some of their comments.

Dear Kent –

I just wanted to thank you for the time you gave me on July 6th. It took a few rounds and a couple of trips to the driving range before I started trusting the new setup and swing that you showed me. But, I am at least 20 yards longer with the driver and one club longer with my irons than before my lesson. This past weekend my partner and I won the Member Guest at Brookhaven and I hit the ball well. Jesse played with me a few weeks before the lesson and couldn’t believe the change. You are a great teacher and you made the session fun!

Dan C


Kent and I have been working hard together for over 4 years perfecting my golf game. I believe Kent is an expert in the technique of the golf swing. He unquestionably has the best golf technology in the area and coupled with his teaching ability, he has been able to steadily improve my golf game. We have extensively used video analysis, the K-vest, etc, to diagnose flaws and find the root causes of problems. Video analysis with Kent has enabled me to learn about the swing and has given me the ability to self-diagnose swing problems. I have successfully competed in numerous NENY junior golf tournaments, and played Varsity golf for 4 years at Shenendehowa H.S. With Kent’s coaching and encouragement, I was able to achieve my goal of playing Division 1 golf for one of the nation’s leading universities.

Scott Brayden
Class of 2013
Colgate University


Under Kent’s tutelage, I’ve gone from a GHIN handicap index of 13 to an index of 7.8 in roughly 6 months time. I came to Kent with a “pretend” golf swing, having only taken one golf lesson before in my life, and asked him to start me from scratch to create a proper, technically sound golf swing. Currently, I’m 7 lessons in, and Kent’s instruction has been positive, precise, and honest. The use of his simulators and video recording technology creates a controlled environment that has zero distractions and is ideal for learning; and being able to sign onto a website to see your swing video and data instantly provides fantastic feedback. Furthermore, Kent has been especially adept at communicating thoughts and physical movements that are often subconscious. Many parts of a golf swing are not able to be “felt” by the average golfer, and he has helped awaken me to the proper “feel” which has allowed me to train and work hard on things long after the lesson is over.

I firmly believe that Kent’s expertise has put my swing (and my game) on the proper path that I might grow into and improve over time. I look forward to working with Kent in the very near future. I have already referred several family members and friends to his services, and will continue to do so in the future.

Nick Bochette
Underwriting Analyst
Rose & Kiernan, Inc.


The one-on-one coaching that Kent Tarkleson has given me has improved my golf game immensely. I use the word “coaching” specifically because he does not just instruct, he truly coaches which I have found unique to his approach. Kent evaluates the physical abilities or limitations of his clients before leaping into a lesson or training regimen since people are limited by what their bodies will let them do. Not only does he identify any areas of improvement – he also makes recommendations with stretches or exercises to maximize these areas.

Kent has a great eye for identifying improvements in his client’s swing. He uses the most recent technology and explains it in a user-friendly manner that makes sense. Indoor or outdoor access is another benefit that Kent offers. No matter the weather or time of day, Tark’s Indoor Golf facility offers a great environment for getting personal instruction from a PGA professional or playing a round on one of their simulators.

I would (and do) recommend Kent to anyone looking to improve their golf game or take up this challenging sport.

Thanks for everything Kent.

Tom Cronin
Vice President
Atlantic Testing Laboratories


I’m a former Division II college golfer, whose golf game had been slipping away over the last 7 years. I was never a great ball striker and now with a much busier life, my swing faults were getting worse and my short game could not compensate for a deteriorating swing. My handicap went from +1 to a 6 over this time and was still rising .Last year, my local PGA Professional, to his credit, directed me to Kent Tarkleson and Tark’s Indoor Golf Club.

I explained to Kent that I needed an entire swing overhaul and we went to work making extensive swing changes. It’s impossible to design a one size fits all program, and Kent came up with a plan which would address my specific swing faults. Kent understands that each student has a different way to learn and by engaging the student’s style of learning, he maximizes understanding, which optimizes the teaching and learning process.

There are three styles of learning-Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic, and he incorporates all of these styles in to his teaching with the K-Vest, Swingview Pro, and his various teaching aids. Also, the state-of-the-art teaching studio gives the student and teacher instant feedback, which further speeds up the learning curve. Take a video lesson with Kent on the Swingview Pro and he will give you a take home DVD of your swing with a written plan to correct the faults.

Kent also identified a few physical limitations I had in the swing, and this year I have begun a golf specific workout program. The program is being administered by a certified Titleist Performance Institute trainer. It’s geared to help the golf swing, but I think it’s a program that will help anyone with their overall health and fitness.

Since working with Kent, I have qualified for the New York State Mid Amateur (2009), and even made the first cut. My handicap has dropped to a 2, and recently I shot a three under par 69. I’m 43 years old and plan on continuing to work with Kent and I have set goals which I hope will take my golf game from being competitive at the local level to being respectable at the State and National level.

Regards Tark,
Craig Siddon
Massena, NY


Kent Tarkleson is an awesome instructor. I have developed some bad habits pertaining to my swing, with his years of experience Kent was able to easily pick up on the subtleties that have changed in my form and get me back to striping the ball again. He was able to fit my clubs to me, and my swing. With the advances in teaching technology Kent is able to digitally record my swing positioning throughout the shot and we’re able to recreate the best motion for me instilling consistency. He has an array of teaching aids to help any student understand what it takes to make a proper shot. Kent is able to get the most out of a person’s ability, even if there are limitations in motion due to physical restrictions. Being a golf instructor for the better part of his life Kent has the talent to easily mold a golfer out of anyone. He’s very personable, and flexible to your schedule. I’ve seen him help scratch golfers as well as beginners; I recommend his services to everyone who wants to start playing golf or improve their existing game. I will continue to take lessons from Kent for years to come. The Saratoga area is lucky to have such a golfing resource.

Mark Cintula


Kent Tarkleson has a deep knowledge of the science and mechanics of the golf swing.
In addition he has a thorough understanding of human physiology and how to apply it to the golf swing. With instruction Kent applies the most sophisticated technical tools currently available for swing analysis. His communication involves tactile, visual, and auditory feedback of every nature.
Kent Tarkleson has all the gifts necessary of a natural teacher; knowledge of his subject, communication skills necessary to impart that knowledge, and most importantly the desire and patience to do so.
Kent enjoys teaching. He enjoys his student’s progression as do they.
James D. McCormick


I was in need of new clubs and went to Kent to get fitted. After looking at my swing on video it was clear that I needed to fix my swing first. What has been great about working with Kent is all the tools that he has available to diagnose my swing problems. If there is a good training aid or tool to help get the correct feel and path of the swing, Kent probably has it and will bring it out when the time is right. Kent also is great about giving me drills and swing thoughts for fixing my problems. I recommend to anyone that wants to get a great view of their swing on video and wants help in fixing their swing flaws to work with Kent.

Gordon DeVeau


Although I’ve only had one lesson thus far, I enjoyed it so much that I would love to schedule some more. Despite not only being a beginner (but an extremely uncoordinated and untalented one), you made me feel relaxed and at ease. Your tips were very helpful, and I would definitely recommend you to others. Once my schedule allows, I will try to set up some additional lessons!
Lynn E. Schwartz

Lemery Greisler LLC


I took a series of 10 lessons with Kent, had just starting playing golf and was not a natural. The experience with Kent was very positive for the following reasons:

Regardless of the my skill level Kent would make the session very valuable and was always positive regardless of outcomes. Kent understands everyone’s golf swing is not the same and therefore you as a player can benefit by having more then one session. Kent takes that one session to develop future sessions that helps you maximize your session time. The techniques that he taught, I was able to take away and practice so I could work on the muscle memory portion. In addition to his knowledge of golf, the technology he includes with a session makes you feel like a PGA player, from the K-Vest, to the video analysis and everything in-between. The video analysis was extremely helpful and also very useful to track progress and changes you may not necessarily feel but can easily see. I have recommended Kent to other golfers both of my level and a much higher level. All have had positive experiences and been able to use the sessions to improve all or part of their golf game.

Jason J. Ellis
Sales Professional
Rose & Kiernan, Inc.


Tark’s is an amazing concept, using amazing technology in an amazing environment. The facility is well appointed, and very professional. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly and the food is excellent as well. There is nothing better to an upstate NY golfer to know that playing 6 months a year is a thing of the past. On top of this, bad weather days and the sun setting no longer have to hinder your play. Once you have played a few times and adjust to playing a round of golf ‘virtually’ and that you can swing a driver as hard as you want indoors, you are on your way to improving your game. I was interested to see if there would be a difference this year when I went out for the first time. As it turned out, I was more confident with my swing, took a bit more time to visualize my shots and shot the best opening round of the season!

Thank you,
Brian Miller
President/Head Instructor
Cutting Edge Martial Arts


I think that the in-door golf model that you have developed will be a great asset to the Saratoga Springs Community. You have offered the public an opportunity to come and play golf first, at their level and secondly, allowing them to practice playing on some of the best golf courses across the country.

Tark’ golf allows someone of any skill level to play 365 days in year, day or night, in good weather and bad, and adds a family component to it by providing lessons and a food & beverage facility.

Lastly, what a great facility to provide companies and organizations with the opportunity to develop team-building experiences. I have enjoyed the facility and will return again and certainty share the positive experiences with family and friend.

Frank Burns
Educator & Hospitality Consultant


Each year our association holds a golf outing for our attendees. We were looking for something different than the usual long drive contest. Kent’s service of videotaping each golfer provided a unique service we couldn’t find elsewhere. Our guests really liked the video and we received a lot of good comments. The service was well worth the fee.

Bruce W. Krupke, Executive Vice President
Northeast Dairy Foods Association, Inc.