Club Fitting

FingerprintThere seems to be some mis-information going around when it comes to Custom Fitting.  Many people have the impression that they are not good enough for custom fit clubs. The truth is that most players are probably not as good as they could be if they are using clubs that are not properly fit to their individual swing characteristics.  Custom Fitting is designed to maximize the performance of a players equipment and thus increase their enjoyment of the game.

Matching each client with their ideal equipment is paramount at Tark’s Indoor Golf, and we provide the ultimate in fitting technology and assembly techniques to make that happen. We understand that every golfers swing is unique and that their equipment needs will vary based upon their build, physical limitations, athletic ability and swing characteristics.

Through computer analysis and performance testing we will identify the optimum shaft (including flex, length, weight, bend point, and tip stiffness), club head characteristics, grip size, and ball selection for any individual.

We utilize a shaft fitting system that allows shafts to be interchanged and tested with different club heads in a matter of seconds which will insure the proper fit of loft, center of gravity, shaft length, and launch characteristics required of each customer.

Our customers will be certain, through proven scientific data, that they are playing the best combination of equipment and gaining optimal performance results for their swing.