Peak Performance Golf Academy at Saratoga National

The Peak Performance program is dedicated to golfers of all skill levels who wish to improve their knowledge and skill using the latest technology.

Golf schools and lessons take place at Saratoga National. Students play on our award-winning course designed by Roger Rulewich, a Robert Trent Jones protégé. The course challenges all skill levels and is known for its superior condition.

As a student you will enjoy more than great golf and exceptional instruction. Complementing the golf course is our Victorian-style clubhouse featuring a full-service Golf Shop, locker facilities, bar and lounge, and dining room.  Lunches are provided by Saratoga National’s first-class food and beverage service.

Custom Tailored Schools

Our approach is to offer schools tailor-fit to the needs of our students. Whether you desire personal one-to-one attention, would like to come with a spouse or business associate, or attend with two or three of your friends – we can offer you the school you desire.

Customized Content

What you learn will be tailored to your needs and skill level. You will have the opportunity to discuss with your instructor the particular aspects of your game that you would like to spend time on. We will then design a customized instruction program, based on your objectives, that is guaranteed to improve your game!

Swing Fundamentals

We understand that players have different swing tendencies and a unique style of play, but we also know that there are certain fundamentals that every player must achieve in order to develop an effective golf swing. We offer the very latest instructional tools proven to expedite the learning of these fundamentals and accelerate your improvement.

Road Map for Improvement

Not only will you gain a better understanding of your swing while attending our school, you will leave with a road map for improvement. By learning the cause and effect of missed shots and how to correct them through practice, you will not only play better, you will understand why!

Equipment Analysis

Matching each student with the ideal equipment is essential to achieve peak performance. We use the latest fitting technology, with proven scientific data, to show our students what combination of equipment allows them to gain optimal ball flight results based on their unique swing characteristics.

TPI Golf Fitness Program

Understanding how physical limitations can make it difficult if not impossible for students to accomplish what they are attempting to do in their golf swing, we have partnered with the Titleist Performance Institute to offer our students the most advanced golf fitness program available. Our detailed screening process allows us to identify any physical limitations and then correlate these findings to an individuals swing tendencies. We then offer a detailed golf specific fitness program designed to address these limitations.

Our Academy features customized programs that include five hours of instruction each day, and an 18-hole round of golf each afternoon. On-course portion of instruction time will be allocated based on the needs and desires of the player(s).

For beginners, our programs will provide a very effective introduction to the game and a solid base for future learning. Intermediate and advanced players will benefit greatly from state-of-the-art technology that not only accelerates improvement but eases stress to their body.

Program Content Includes:

  • Setup Fundamentals and Swing Mechanics
  • Short Game Techniques
  • Specialty Shots
  • Video Swing Analysis
  • Physical Screen & TPI Exercise Program
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • On Course Instruction
  • Student CD with Swing Analysis Program
  • Complementary Beverages (Alcohol Excluded)

Golf Academy Rates: (Indoor academy rates are discounted 20%)

Instructor Ratio 1:1 2:1 3:1
One Day $795 $595 $395
Two Day $1495 $995 $695
Three Day $2195 $1395 $995