Private Lessons

Taking a comprehensive approach to instruction we offer programs to address all aspects of the game including: Swing mechanics, shotmaking skills, equipment performance, physical conditioning, mental tendencies and course management skills. 

Tark’s relaxed, easy to understand instructional programs combine time proven techniques with the most innovative training technology available to analyze a players swing tendencies, physical capabilities and equipment performance.  We then develop a specific program that outlines the most efficient and effective way for that player to swing the golf club based on their goals, physical capabilities and ambitions.

One Hour Lesson w/Video ($125 Hour)

A full 60-minute experience based on the needs and desires of the student. Students receive a personalized CD of their swing along with a student version of the the SwingView Pro computer program. 

Half-Day Lesson ($295)

This half-day session includes 3 hours of instruction on all aspects of the game, and is the perfect opportunity to sharpen skills and reinforce the fundamentals when time is of the essence. Content will vary based on the needs of the students.  

Lesson Packages

As valuable as an hour lesson is, the entire game of golf could never be taught in just one hour!  That is why we have created Golf Lesson Packages, so that you can not only save money, but also improve your skills over time!

  • Five Lessons – $495 (Save $130)
  • Ten Lessons – $950 (Save $300)