State-of-the-Art Technology

Tark’s Indoor Golf Club is committed to providing our students with one of the most innovative, effective and enjoyable golf improvement programs you will find anywhere. Our state-of-the-art instructional tools, training aids and techniques will enhance your learning experience and accelerate improvement as well. ¬†Some of our featured technology includes:
  • K-Vest 3D Motion Analysis System – allows us to capture and measure physical motion in real time, identify swing faults, and then use the same technology to effortlessly and precisely communicate the correct movements to students. View Demo
  • Explanar Swing Training System – allows students to quickly feel and understand swing plane principles while training and building their golfing muscles.
  • SwingView Pro Video System – State of the art dual camera video. Students receive a personalized CD of their swing along with a student version of the SwingView Pro computer program.
  • TPI Golf Fitness Program ¬†– features a comprehensive screening process designed to identify physical limitations. Findings can then be correlated to a players swing tendencies and a customized golf conditioning program is developed.
  • TOMI (The Optimal Motion Instructor) – is a breakthrough new putting training system designed to help golfers understand the flaws in their putting stroke, fix those flaws, and sink more putts.