K-Vest Technology at Tark's

K-VEST is a revolutionary 3D motion analysis system that is completely mobile, easy to use, and combines video analysis, 3-D analysis, and real-time biofeedback into one complete package. The K-VEST uses 3 wireless sensors to capture and measure swing motion.

Students train using real-time visual and auditory feedback that is designed to help them see, hear, and feel when their body is in the desired position. This instantaneous feedback significantly accelerates the learning process in a way that is pleasant, rewarding, and proven highly effective.

The K-SWING Summary

With the exciting addition of our new K-SWING Summary, K-VEST now allows us to provide students with an easy to read swing analysis highlighting your strengths and weaknesses from set up through impact. Simply take a swing, and in 60 seconds K-VEST automatically and precisely analyzes the swing

K-SWING Summary provides professionals with an easy-to-read swing analysis that automatically identifies swing faults from set up through impact. K-SWING Summary helps professionals and their clients understand complex 3D movements through simple numbers and visual representations. Find an area of weakness? No problem. One click provides real-time visual and auditory feedback to improve movement patterns. K-SWING Summary is a powerful marketing tool that helps professionals attract new students, while the complete K-VEST experience keeps them coming back.

K-SWING Summary Benefits:

  • Summaries can be automatically emailed to students or uploaded online with voiceover analysis.
  • Delivers a simple improvement roadmap for professionals and clients to follow.
  • Compares students’ 3D data to the world’s best PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour players.
  • Customizes exercise ranges based on physical limitations and/or swing style preferences.