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A unique ONLINE profiling system dedicated to HELPING golfers and instructors IMPROVE the mental aspects of playing golf.

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Use the same profile The Titleist Performance Institute uses with their touring professionals and amateurs of all levels.  Discover how your golfing mind works and how to use this information to your best advantage.

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Our profile puts golfers inside their own heads as they gain a clearer understanding of what really goes on in their golfing minds. Pia Nilsson, former Solheim Cup Captain and Annika Sorenstam’s mental coach, and Lynn Marriott, a Golf Digest Top 50 instructor, are partners in the firm Vision 54/Coaching For The Future. This is how Pia and Lynn explain our profile system

“The online process asks players a series of questions that help determine a player’s attitudes and behaviors. A detailed report is generated that explains the player’s traits for five key areas of the game. The profile then goes a step further by helping players understand how to use and modify these tendencies to gain a mental advantage.”

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