TOMITOMI (The Optimal Motion Instructor) is a breakthrough new putting training system designed to help golfers understand the flaws in the putting stroke, fix those flaws, and sink more putts!

After making only five strokes on the TOMI, we gain valuable information about your stroke that could not have otherwise been obtained. This allows us to assess your putting strengths and weaknesses and then make recommendations to improve your performance on the greens faster and more accurately than ever before. The TOMI captures 8 key parameters of your putting stroke including: Alignment at Address, Alignment at Impact, Path at Impact, Stroke Path & Rotation, Shaft Angle at Impact, Impact Location, Speed at Impact, and Stroke Tempo. To learn more about the TOMI technology click here.

Cost for a one-hour session on the TOMI is $100.

To arrange a TOMI session please contact us at 518.306.5142